Meet the team

Kieu Evans, ABA, BA, JD.

Ms. Evans moved here from New York and a life-long resident of San Diego County she studied at Cal State University with a BA, in Elementary Education for Special Education and attended Seton Hall Law School graduated with a J.D. Kieu Evans obtained her Paralegal Certification at University of San Diego has been an ABA Paralegal for over 17 years; with over 12 years in family law and 5 years of civil litigation.

Ms. Evans has been passionate in helping families in need of legal service and does not want to litigate and have their divorce matters and custody get dragged out into a long litigation process. With over 17 years of legal experience and concentrated on the area of Family Law for the last 12 years. Ms. Evans has found that her field allows her to study and participate in Family Law while helping to keep families together and offer solutions to people in need. With encouragement from friends, family to start her passion in helping people communicate Ms. Evans started Dissolution Alternative Solutions in January of 2008. The breadth of her knowledge and skill, coupled with her personal, approachable, kind, and patient manner, are assets in dealing with the often stressful realities of a divorce. In addition, having been through a divorce herself, Kieu Evans has a deep grasp of clients’ needs, frustrations and fears. With a calming influence, helps clients through the maze of paperwork they must prepare for their case.
Outside of work in her free time, Ms. Evans loves to spend time outdoors with her family, hike with her Siberian Husky, she loves to cycle and has raced in century rides, run marathons, volunteering in the community and most of all always continuing her education to stay up to date with all Family Law Rules. With over 17 years of experience in diverse areas of the law, Ms. Evans is able to handle a wide range of cases, which allows her to become “The Family Law Consultant” to many of her clients, friends and family.

Clients Relations Manager

Tia Chick

Tia brings her years of experience in Customer Service specializing in Public Relationship Ms. Chick has a passion for helping clients navigate some of the most difficult times with dignity and grace. She is well-versed in all stages of the process, and is an excellent liaison between client(s) and the office.
A San Diego native, Ms. Chick earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Legal Studies.

Financial Specialist

Douglas McKay

Mr. McKay has been assisting clients in managing their money in the capacity as a Registered Investment Advisor (series 65) since 1994 and as a series 3 licensed commodity broker since 2007. Originally from Chicago, he obtained his B.A. in business from the Arizona State. A passion for the ocean led Mr. McKay to San Diego. Mr. McKay is a strict chartist. This guides his philosophy on trading: “I’m always looking at the markets with a fresh perspective – this means no ‘buy & hold’ mentality, no piling money into mutual funds, and especially no herd mentality. This is a game of probabilities – cut your losses quickly and let your profits flow.” Mr. McKay’’s goal is to educate his clients in technical analysis and the emotional aspects of managing their own money so they can realize more success in trading and investing.
Mr. McKay’s functional knowledge of determining clients’ financial goals and present financial position in developing and servicing existing client relationships and monitoring their investment objectives of the securities industry and other investment avenues with hands on experience in implementing appropriate financial plans for each client. Mr. McKay find most prospective clients have advisors with whom they have a working relationship. However the lack of coordination among the advisors frequently results in unnecessary expense and missed opportunities. Mr. McKay does more than help you manage your finances. He helps you make wise money choices through every phase of your life especially through a separation and process of a divorce. Most families have to juggle two separate households during the divorce process. Relationship with money involves more than your bank account. It affects your family, your future and so much more if two people cannot come to an agreement and continue to pay for litigation to not have an end result after spending lifelong savings that could have been invested to a resolution without litigation.

About Dissolution Alternative Solutions
Most courts have recognized the importance of parties attempting to resolve their disputes out of court in an informal setting, especially in family law matters that involve custody and parenting time disputes over minor children.
If you are going through a divorce, establishing paternity or modifying an existing custody and/or child support order, it is highly likely the court will order the parties to participate in mediation, or your attorney may recommend going to mediation.
Here at Dissolution Alternative Solutions (DAS) we believe Family Law matters should be settled at your own terms and time especially in a divorce process to be Divorced at your own terms and the right time. Here at DAS we will guide both parties from beginning to the end and work through the emotional stages during the emotional and stressful process. The firm has fixed fee where the parties will not be billed erroneous fees for each visit, phone call or meeting. Alternative Dispute is a voluntary settlement process (mediation) in which the parties meet with an impartial mediator, the mediator will assist both parties to settle issues and facilitate communication, consider options for settlement in an attempt to reach a global agreement.

It also gives you and your spouse a chance to reach an agreement that will accommodate your schedules, finances and preferences.
If you are able to reach an agreement, it can help limit future conflict that might arise between you and your soon-to-be ex. This is extremely important if you have children and must interact with your former spouse after you are divorced.
The process is different from the “court-controlled” litigation process because, in mediation the parties are the ones who make the decision instead of a judge. In meditation the parties control the division of their assets the provision of child support and sharing of the children in the divorce proceedings. Discussion takes place in the privacy of a mediator’s office and no court appearance is necessary. This allows the parties to have control of their own divorce. Rather two people not getting along or refuse to communicate with one another because of the high emotions we focus on communication with one another and to have end results of an amicable separation in remaining civil rather pushing anger and litigation that is unnecessary.

This process relies more on the commitment of each party, if there are children involved it would be the family. A team of experts would assist the parties in solving problems, developing options and creating a positive context for a settlement to the divorce. Each party works with a communication coach. The parties would work with our in-house financial advisor , accountant, real estate agent to list the family residence and mortgage loan officers where is appropriate. The essence of this process is face to face meetings between the parties and any relevant members of the professional team. Once the process is completed a written settlement agreement is prepared signed, and judgment is entered by the court.

Allows the parties to make their own decision.
Divorce process is on both parties time line.
Gives each party a decision without court proceedings.
Both parties in an agreement (uncontested).
Both parties already have an understanding of what they would like in the divorce and would like to discuss their assets, debts, and custody including support options with a better understanding.
Entering mediation avoids “contested” proceedings allowing both parties to communicate and have an agreement.
Mediators do not work with the individual parties they work with both spouses.

“Remember, mediation is a consensual and voluntary process – a process that is far more likely to be effective when everyone agrees the timing is right”


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